Zingaspray Cold Galvanising Coating Aerosol

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Zingaspray (500ml Aerosol) has all the advantages of the original Zinga in an easy-to-use Spray Can.

One coat of Zingaspray will dry at approximately 20-25 microns. Therefore a minimum of two coats is recommended.

Zingaspray can be used for repairing galvanising or products previously treated with Zinga.

Zinga is not Paint. It is a pure Zinc coating that can be applied like Paint and it will physically Galvanise any correctly blasted Metalwork (car body or Chassis, Farm trailers, etc).

It will provide a great many years of protection against Rust in any form.

Zinga can also be used to recoat existing Galvanising. Existing layers of Zinga can be recoated so there is an unlimited Pot life and therefore less wastage.

All conventional Powder Coatings and 2K Automotive paints as well as Basecoat or clear Automotive Paints can over coat Zinga. It can also be Primed with all standard 2K Primers.

CAUTION: When using Cellulose or Solvent-borne Acrylic Automotive Primers, the Zinga Cold Galvanising System must first be Sprayed with a Water-Based Barrier Coat.

Zinga Solve is the recommended Thinner to be used with Zinga when Spraying. It can also be used for cleaning when using Zinga.

Zinga Solve is available here from our store »

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