Wagner / Spraytech Airless Sprayer Pump Intake Valve 0512222

£51.37 Inc Vat

This is the complete Inlet Assembly and includes all parts.


Fits Wagner 9135 / 9140 / 9146 / 9150 and Spraytech 1420 / 1620 models.




No individual parts are available for the Inlet Assembly.


How do you know when to replace this part?


1: If you lose any parts inside the Assembly you must replace the whole Assembly. (The most common part to lose is the ball, which cannot come out on it’s own).


2: An Inlet will eventually wear out and need replacing. A worn Inlet will give you similar symptoms as worn packings. It is sometimes hard to tell when to replace the Inlet assembly. The basic way to tell is if the Pump is Priming, but will not build up to full pressure. And if you know that the packings are OK, and that the upper and lower ball is not stuck, then replace the Inlet Assembly.

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187034, 101016, 106013


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