TR10 Airless Sprayer Power Roller

£178.56 Inc Vat

Extends from 34″ to 48″.

Uses 9″ perforated Roller Covers (comes with one 9″ – 3/8 nap). Extra Covers are available here »

Perforated Roller Covers From Wagner: Converts an Airless Sprayer to a Pressure Rolling system.

Internal feed system disperses Paint evenly across Roller Cover.

Retractable, Telescopic Pole extends to reach up to 48 inches.

Features an In-line Trigger for comfortable operation.

The most cost effective Power Roller we have found. It will hook up to any* standard Airless Sprayer since it simply connects to the standard 1/4″ Hose connection, where you normally would hook the Airless Gun up to.

The TR-10’s built in triggering system eliminates the need for using your existing Airless Gun for fluid delivery. This built in triggering system is one of the reasons we recommend this model over other models. Using the In-line Trigger makes it much more comfortable to use.

The main feature that makes this model stand out is the Telescopic End, ideal for tall walls and or ceilings.

So easy to clean and assemble.

Not sure what you need for your set up? Give us a call we can help »

*Any full sized Airless Sprayer that has Pressure Control. Note, currently the only model Wagner makes that does not have pressure control is the 770 Paint Crew. Though the TR-10 will hook up and operate with the 770, without the ability to turn down the pressure, we do not recommend the 770 with this Roller Attachment.

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