Titan RX-Pro Ball Valve Kit – 0538221

£19.95 Inc Vat


This is the genuine Titan OEM replacement ball valve for the RX-PRO airless spray gun.

If you’re experiencing paint leaking or spitting after you release the trigger, it’s one of three things:

  1. The valve / seat area is clogged and simply needs cleaned
    • You can usually clean these by removing the diffuser and inspect the seat / valve (make sure you pressure-release the gun and remove it from the hose)
  2. The valve seat is worn and needs flipped around or replaced
  3. The ball valve is worn and needs replaced

If the trigger isn’t fully shutting off when you let go, you probably need the full ball & seat assembly.  These do go out, but not nearly as often as the ball valve.

The ball valve replacement comes with tools and instructions on what you need to do to replace it.


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