Q-Tech PO36 Used Airless Paint Sprayer

£3,400.00 £2,500.00 Inc Vat

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Two month old PO36

[Please contact should you want to buy this unit for spray plaster application ]

This pump will deliver 6.5 litres per minute, and will spray everthing from emulsions, smooth masonry paint, roof coatings.

This machine can also spray two pack (2K) paints, Solvent paints, Elastomerics, Fire Intumescents, spray joint Fillers, spray Plasters, Bituminous coatings and Anti Corrosive paints

Supplied with a 15Mtr 3/8″Hose, 1/4″ whip hose,Q-Tech XT5P Airless Spray gun, Q Tech Contractor Tip and Guard. Also Pump Oil, a Packing Wrench and spare Pump Filter.


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