Airless Training

Become a professional Airless Sprayer with PaintTech

Our only official recommended partner for Airless Spraying Training is PaintTech, with their outstanding Airless Spraying Training Programme.

Based at their dedicated Training Academies in Preston & Kent, this Airless Spraying Training Course has been developed by Decorators, for Decorators. Go from a Beginner to a Pro and reap the rewards.

Airlesspro verified customers also receive an exclusive 10% discount on all training courses booked. Just simply email or call us for your discount code.

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Why Choose PaintTech?

We chose to partner with PaintTech because we believe they offer the best training, in the best environment, which can truly help you progress.

We have been working with the PaintTech team for a long time. Offering advice and expertise for them, and their customers, a close relationship has been built on trust and capability.

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What can I expect to learn?

The introductory course is designed for people with no previous knowledge of Airless Spraying, or those who currently Airless Spray, but are finding it difficult to perfect.

The advanced trim course is available to those who have completed the introductory course, and takes your spraying ability to the next level.

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How can it benefit my business?

The PaintTech ethos is 'Spraying Makes Sense' and this is built on the fact that Spraying will always be a faster way to complete a job once you are trained.

The inital outlay of paying for the course will quickly be returned to you by allowing you to complete jobs faster and take on more work. The skills learned will help your business become more profitable and improve your finish.

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